The ZenDo School of JuJitsu was established in 1990 because no other schools were offering kids and adults the quality and realistic style of JuJitsu in the New Milford area. In the past 31 years we have helped hundreds of families with their personal safety and security needs.

My name is Sean Jugler and I am the Owner and Founder of the ZenDo School of JuJitsu. I began my martial arts training in 1986 after getting attacked and beat up in the Bronx, NY. Following that incident I realized how important it was to be able to defend myself and if an attack were to happen again I would be prepared!

Although at that time being an instructor was the farthest thought in my mind, I soon realized my passion and commitment to strengthening others through JuJitsu was bringing me happiness and fulfillment so I decided to open my own school. And as a result I began my many years of helping the families of the New Milford area to also experience the many amazing benefits of JuJitsu training. My 35 years of training has not been limited to only JuJitsu. Although I hold a 7th degree Black Belt in Japanese JuJitsu, I have also spent many years cross training in other Martial Arts such as Judo, Kyokushin Karate, Aikido, Kung Fu, Modern Arnis, Defence Lab, and I am currently training as a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I look forward to passing on my passion and my knowledge of Martial Arts to your child so that they too can live a Secure Life with Total and True Confidence.

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